Global-Digital Literacy Opposing Big Errors (GLOBE)

Anno scolastico 2022/2023

Global-Digital Literacy Opposing Big Errors (GLOBE)



1 Settembre 2023

Descrizione del progetto

Besides, our project will also takle: To support social inclusion:

The social and financial disadvantaged students will be given priority to be chosen for the Project mobilities and activities. Supporting girls and gender equality: Although women account for more than half of the European population, only 1 in 6 ICT specialists in the EU is a woman so, girls should be given priority to be chosen for the activities, especially the ones on digital development. Develop teachers’s digital competency, distance learning skills, help schools develop digital solutions. Support digital transformation plans and digital pedagogy: We will organize face-to-face and online workshops on web 2.0 tools, virtual reality, augmented reality etc that will help teachers create their own lesson plans and materials and also develop their e-teaching skills. We will have seminars from expers of digital pedagogy We will get benefit SELFIE ( We will work on creating opportunities for students to develop their digital skills and make them produce ICT materials rather than consume, so we will organize ICT workshops (lego

V3, scratch, ardunio, ….) To support sustainability: we will have virtual mobility to share ideas, activities and good practices how to make our activities more sustainable. Supporting disadvantaged students For our mobilities, we plan to use “green” transport as far as it is possible, that is why we have chosen the “most central” countries in the project map, so distancies will be lower. We will also work on deeveloping an awareness of green business skills We plan to develop high quality products (toolkit/manual/web) and intellectual outputs Our products will be reusable and sustainable. Thanks to the previous study and research for good practices, we will focus on more concrete needs and will use the most innnovative ideas Virtual collaboration is being vital and will be the base of our work, and we will have blended tranining

We plan to use euroean youth portal ( and ( All the work has been planned after a detailed needs analysis We will foster the use of digital tools of all students and teachers in our schools and we will ensure we make all project activities accessible and that all participants take part in intellectual outputs. Project results should be useable for all partners and communities. We will use in order to access free resources. We will have online and in-situ multiplier events Even though our teachers have to use some digital sources and technological tools in their lessons and especially online classes, they have difficulty choosing the best tool and deciding how to integrate these tools into their lessons. And also, they don’t have much capabilities to create their own materials. So the non-governmental organizations can support us with trainings and workshops on how to integrate online tools into their lessons, creating digital content for their own lessons and using digital tools to assess students’ performance, and following students’ progress.


Our main aim is to create tools so that students can develop their media literacy, and so become critical thinking citizens able not to be deceived by dissinformation and fake news.

In collaborazione con

Il Liceo Joyce è partner del progetto Erasmus + “GLOBE”

Il progetto è coordinato dal COLEGIO VIRGEN DE LA ROSA (VROSA), Avda. Cantabria, 33, 09006 Burgos, SPAIN

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